Deer Hunting

Alvie & Dalraddy Estate total 13,000 acres (5261 hectares) of land stretching from the River Spey, northwest over the Monadhliath Mountains to the watershed between the Dulnain and Findhorn rivers. The Estate contains a wide variety of habitat from the lochside wetlands of Loch Insh and Loch Alvie at around 200 metres above sea level through 600 acres (240 hectares) of farmland, 2000 acres (800 hectares) of Scots Pine and Birch woodlands, the traditional home of the capercaillie and blackcock, up through heather clad grouse moors to the high moorland tops over 800 metres above sea level where the ptarmigan and blue hare survive.

Deer Stalking (hunting)

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All parties will be accompanied by a professional Stalker who will be responsible for the safety of the stalk.  He will decide on the ground to be covered the rifle and ammunition to be used and the deer to be shot.  The larger the stalking party the more chance there is of disturbing the deer prior to a shot being taken.  A maximum of 2 friends may accompany the client shooting at the discretion of the Stalker.


Red Deer

Alvie woodlands provide some of the best deer shelter in the Monadhliath Mountains. The Estate gained prominence during the early part of this century as a result of experimental deer management techniques carried out by Mr R B Whitehead. Between 1906 and 1908 approximately 5600 acres (2300 hectares) of woodland and hill ground were enclosed with deer fence and red deer selectively culled. The results were spectacular and Alvie has produced many of Scotland's finest red deer.

The Estate normally culls between 35 and 40 stags & 50-60 Hinds per year.  Stag stalking usually takes place from mid September to 20th October.  Hind stalking from 21st OCtober to 15th February.

Rifles should be in the range of .240 to .309 gauge and not semi-automatic or pump action.  Bullets must be high velocity, soft or hollow-nosed, weight should not be less than 100 grains, muzzle velocity not less than 2,540 ft/sec, muzzle energy not less than 1750 ft/lb.  A rifle & ammunition can be supplied by the Estate.

Participants must be capable and suitably equipped for walking at least 10 miles (15 kilometres) over rough mountainous terrain.  Crawling up to 100 metres may be required in order to reach a suitable firing position over open ground.  Clothing should be subdued in colour and suitable for providing camouflage with a green or brown breakup pattern.  The weather may be wet and temperatures could range from below freezing to 20°c.

Stalking clients are normally expected to shoot on average on e deer per client per day.

Roe Deer

Roe buck stalking can take place between 1st May & 20th October, however, we prefer clients to come between 1st June and the end of the first week of July when the heads are clean and the stalking does not clash with other activities on the Estate.  Roe doe are usually culled between 21st October and the end of February.

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Rifles should be in the range of .243 to .308 gauge.  Bullets must be high velocity, soft or hollow-nosed, weight not less than 50 grains, muzzle energy not less than 1,000 ft/lb.  Stalking clients should be suitably dressed in subdues or camouflage clothing.


Helpful Information

Shooting Seasons in Scotland:
Red Deer Stags 1st July - 20th October
Red Deer Hinds 21st October - 15th February
Roe Bucks 1st April - 20th October
Roe Does 21st October - 31st March
Pheasant 1st October - 31st January
Grouse 12th August - 10th December
Duck 1st September - 31st January
Snipe 12th August - 31st January
Woodcock 1st September - 31st January

Game Licences & Firearm Certificates

Clients using their own rifle must have a current firearm certificate or visitor's permit valid for using their rifle on Alvie & Dalraddy Estates. These can be arranged through Alvie Estate Office.

Venue & Time

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Meeting point for shooting activities is 9am outside Alvie Estate gunroom and garages which are beside Alvie Estate Office.

Roe stalking is charged per 4 hour session. Sessions for buck are from 4.00am to 8.00am and 8.00pm to 11.00pm. Session times for Doe are by arrangement according to prevailing light and weather conditions.

Packed Lunch

Clients and guests should bring a packed lunch.

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